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: The Ion ReproSeq™ 318 without Chips will be discontinued in Q1 of 2017. The final build of the Ion ReproSeq™ 318 without Chips will be Q1 of 2017 and will have a 7–8 month shelf life when stocked. Based on in-stock availability, this will allow the potential to order the Ion ReproSeq™ 318 without Chips until the end of 2017. For the latest in chemistry and sequencing improvements, the supported replacement kit, the Ion ReproSeq™ PGS 318 View Kit, without chips, is now available for order.

Ion ReproSeq™ PGS 318 Kit, without chips

Catalog number:  A29144

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The Ion ReproSeq™ PGS kits enable the fastest benchtop next-generation sequencing workflow for aneuploidy analysis. The Ion ReproSeq PGS Kit with the Ion PGM™ System allows for rapid and affordable detection of aneuploidies in all 24 sets of chromosomes for labs interested in rapidly and reliably assessing preimplantation embryos. Using as little as 6 pg of DNA from a single cell, this kit enables accurate detection of whole chromosome and chromosome arm events (≥48 Mb) in as little as 8 hours.* The Ion PGM System provides throughput flexibility, enabling the cost-effective screening of 2 to 24 samples and minimizing the need to batch samples.

*Turnaround time for the Ion ReproSeq PGS workflow is as little as 8 hours with the Ion 314™ Chip and as little as 10 hours with the Ion 318™ Chip.

Cost-effective analysis workflow with sample throughput flexibility
The Ion ReproSeq PGS Kit and the Ion PGM System deliver scalability and flexibility for various levels of sample throughput. Choose the one that fits your throughput needs from a range of 3 sequencing chips to process 2 to 24 samples and minimize the need for batching to achieve cost efficiency.

Rapid turnaround for time-sensitive samples
Leveraging the speed of semiconductor sequencing and template preparation by isothermal amplification, the Ion ReproSeq PGS Kit offers a fast benchtop NGS workflow for aneuploidy analysis. Go from single cells isolated from a preimplantation embryo to aneuploidy detection in as little as 8 hours when screening up to 2 samples or as little as 10 hours with up to 24 samples. This rapid turnaround time enables fast identification of chromosomally normal embryos.

The Ion ReproSeq PGS 318 Kit without Chips includes all reagents for whole genome amplification, library construction, template preparation, and sequencing using the Ion PGM System for processing a total of 192 samples. The kit contains:

• Ion SingleSeq™ Kit (A25589, 24 reactions/kit)—allows for the extraction, amplification, and addition of barcoding of genomic DNA, a process that can be completed in less than 4 hours (includes hands on time)
• Ion PGM™ Template IA 500 Kit (A24622, 8 reactions/kit)—the fastest template preparation (2 hours, includes hands on time) whereby DNA is clonally amplified onto a bead surface through a non-emulsion, isothermal reaction
• Ion PGM™ Hi-Q™ Sequencing Kit (A25592, 8 reactions/kit at 200 bp)—offers the most advanced sequencing chemistry available and is configured to support all of your sequencing needs for applications requiring 200 bp
• Ion PGM™ Wash 2 Bottle Kit (A25591)—contains conditioning solution and a Wash 2 bottle that may be used for up to 40 runs before replacement

• An Ion OneTouch™ ES (enrichment system), Ion PGM™ Enrichment Beads (4478525), and Ion 318™ v2 BC Chips (4488150) are required for use with this sequencing kit.
• This kit is only compatible with the Ion PGM System.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


For Use With (Equipment): Ion PGM™ System
Recommended Applications: Rapid Sequencing
Product Line: ReproSeq™
Product Size: 192 samples
Shipping Condition: Approved for shipment on Wet or Dry Ice

Contents & storage

• Ion PGM™ Template IA Supplies 500 (store at room temperature)
• Ion PGM™ Template IA Reagents 500 (2–8°C)
• Ion PGM™ Template IA Reactions 500, store at -30°C to -10°C
• Ion PGM™ Template IA Solutions 500 (room temperature)
• Ion SingleSeq Kit (-5 to -30°C)
• Ion PGM™ Seq Supplies (room temperature)
• Ion PGM™ Hi-Q™ Seq Reagents (-5 to -30°C)
• Ion PGM™ Hi-Q™ Seq Solutions (2–8°C)
• Ion PGM™ Hi-Q™ Seq dNTP Kit (-5 to -30°C)
• Ion PGM™ Wash 2 Bottle Kit (room temperature)


Manuals & protocols