Amino Allyl MessageAmp™ II aRNA Amplification Kit, with Cy™5 dye

Catalog number:  AM1796

 Related applications: miRNA & Non-Coding RNA Analysis

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The Ambion® Amino Allyl MessageAmp™ aRNA Amplification Kit includes reagents for aRNA amplification with amimo allyl NTP incorporation. The kit includes sufficient reagents for 20 reactions. Cy™5 dye is included and packaged as individual tubes sufficient for one labeling reaction.

Improved First- and Second-strand cDNA Synthesis
Included in the kit is ArrayScript™ RT, a rationally engineered M-MLV reverse transcriptase, which produces equivalent or higher yields of full-length cDNA compared to other enzymes. The second-strand cDNA synthesis reaction has also been optimized to be compatible with the first-strand cDNA products generated with ArrayScript™ RT to allow maximal conversion of first-strand cDNA into full-length double-stranded cDNA templates.

Increased Labeling Efficiency of Your aRNA
The Amino Allyl MessageAmp™ aRNA Amplification Kit incorporates amino allyl NTP into the aRNA followed by the coupling of its reactive amino group to an NHS ester label (e.g., Cy™ or another dye). This strategy offers several advantages over the direct incorporation of labeled NTPs. Direct incorporation of labeled NTPs is inefficient and results in low yields and low specific activity aRNA and high costs. Unlike lableled NTPs, amino allyl–modified NTPs are incorporated almost as efficiently as unmodified NTPs and are much less expensive than the dye coupled NTPs.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Includes Label or Dye: Yes
Labeling Method: Indirect Labeling
Product Line: Ambion™, MessageAmp™
Product Size: 20 reactions
Reverse Transcriptase: ArrayScript™
Sample Type (Specific): Poly(A+) RNA, Total RNA

Contents & storage

The Amino Allyl MessageAmp™ II aRNA Amplification Kit contains T7 Oligo(dT) Primer, ArrayScript™ RT, RNase Inhibitor, 10X First-Strand Buffer, dNTP Mix, 10X Second- Strand Buffer, DNA Polymerase, RNase H, T7 Enzyme Mix, T7 10X Reaction Buffer, T7 UTP Solution, aa-UTP Solution, ATP⁄CTP⁄GTP Mix, Second Round Primers, Coupling Buffer, DMSO, Hydroxylamine, Cy™5 dye, and Control RNA (1 mg⁄mL HeLa total RNA) which are all stored at –20°C. Wash Buffer, cDNA Binding Buffer, aRNA Binding Buffer, aRNA Filter Cartridges, aRNA Collection Tubes, cDNA Filter Cartridges, cDNA Elution Tubes, Nuclease-free Water, and detailed Instruction Manual are stored at room temperature.


Manuals & protocols