Thermo Scientific™

CID8825D Color Radiation Hardened Camera

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Thermo Scientific™ CID8825D radiation-hardened color camera features new Low-Noise, Preamplifier Per Pixel Radiation Hardened Charge Injection Device (CID) imager technology for use in radiation environments. The only radiation-hardened solid-state camera capable of color imaging in radiation environments, the CID8825D features a 2:1 interlace-scanned Charge Injection Device (CID) based imager with 18.0 x 16.4 micron pixels in 710(H) x 484(V) NTSC version format, and a minimum radiation tolerance of at least 3 x 106 rads total dose gamma (3 MegaRAD) total dose.

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Also features superior anti-blooming performance inherent to all CIDs, and true color imaging with USB2.0 Digital Output. Standard “C” mount lens adapter provides back-focus adjustments.

  • CID-based cameras allow at least an order of magnitude improvement in operation when compared to CCD- and CMOS-based cameras and imagers
  • While the CID structure is inherently radiation resistant, specific modifications to the CID process, and to the color filter process, make this CID imager radiation hardened
  • Camera is tolerant to gamma, neutron, high energy electrons, and proton radiation
  • Radiation hard PPP (Preamplifier Per Pixel) CID imager technology allows exceptional signal to noise with sensitivity never before available with radiation hardened cameras
  • Compact remote radiation hardened head is connected to a camera control unit (CCU) with a flexible cable supplied to length
  • Video output is standard NTSC format via the camera control unit BNC connector, RGB connectors, or digitally via the USB2.0 port
  • Since pixel charge readout is within the CID pixel, there is limited potential of single event disruptions common with other imaging technologies
  • Imager is also inherently anti-blooming and tolerant to highly specular lighting overloads
  • Optical overloads are highly contained within each pixel or the immediately surrounding pixels so charge is not shared with adjacent rows or columns
  • Spectral response is from 400nm to 1100nm and coatings are available for X-ray, deep UV and IR
  • CID imagers have a contiguous uniform pixel structure where the total sensor is active with virtually no opaque areas which facilitate interpixel interpolation for subpixel edge definition
  • Color Charge Injection Device (CID) Radiation Hardened Imager
  • 3 x 106 Rad Total Dose (gamma)
  • Excellent image at 1 x 105 rads/hr
  • High-resolution / small size
  • Replaceable remote head
  • No geometric distortion
  • Selectable 2X, and 4X video gain boost
  • Automatic white balance
  • Remote cable up to 150 meters distance

Camera models include CID8825DX6 for operation up to 50 meters remote distance between the radiation hardened head and CCU while the CID8825DX7 offers remote operation up to 150 meters.

Ordering Information:

Cameras are available in PAL, Progressive Scan, or Monochrome formats. Options include customized packaging as well as partnered programs for complete systems for Air or Underwater operation. Standard remote head configurations for use in applications having typical ambient operating temperature, or versatile OEM models for use in customer-specific enclosures such as 40mm diameter tube housing are available which simplify installation for end users, OEMs and systems integrators alike.


Requires an external power source supplying +12 to +30VDC.

Recommended for:

  • Inspection and measurement
  • Process monitoring
  • Robotic handling
  • Hot cell monitoring
  • Laser beam profiling
  • Research


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