ToxBLAzer™ DualScreen Kit

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ToxBLAzer™ DualScreen Kit provide the key advantage of combining the ratiometric reporter gene readout of beta-lactamase with a cytotoxicity readout in the same assay. Thus, ToxBLAzer™ DualScreen yields reporter readouts that normalize cytotoxic cellular responses, which is a necessity in screening applications which down regulate transcription. The ToxBLAzer™ substrate contains both the LiveBLAzer™-FRET B/G substrate and a proprietary cytotoxicity indicator. Both compounds readily enter the cell, where endogenous esterases rapidly convert them into fluorescent compounds Esterase activity and an intact cell membrane are required for detection of the indicator. The cytotoxicity indicator's fluorescence is red-shifted to ensure compatibility with the blue and green emissions of the LiveBLAzer™-FRET B/G substrate, allowing detection of both reporter gene activity and cytotoxicity in the same assay sample.

Advantages of ToxBLAzer™ DualScreen Kits:

• Multiplexed readout results in rapid identification of false positives due to toxicity or lack of viable cells, thereby improving hit-picking efficiency
• Ratiometric blue:green reporter readout reduces false hits by minimizing experimental noise
• Single reagent addition eliminates need for follow up cytotoxicity assays, thereby increasing throughput while reducing sample and test compound consumption
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Cell Permeability: Cell-Permeant
Detection Method: Fluorescent
For Use With (Equipment): Flow Cytometer, Fluorometer, Microplate Reader
Product Line: ToxBLAzer™
Product Size: 200 µg
Substrate: ToxBLAzer™
Substrate Properties: Chemical Substrate
Substrate Type: Beta-Lactamase Substrate

Contents & storage

ToxBLAzer™ DualScreen Loading Kits include ToxBLAzer™ substrate, DMSO (for Solution A), Solution B, and Solution C. ToxBLAzer™ substrate is provided lyophilized and should be stored at 20°C, dessicated and protected from light. DMSO (for Solution A), Solution B, and Solution C should be stored at 22-25°C, protected from direct light.

The 200 µg kit is sufficient for 3,750 x 48 µl standard protocol well assays; the 5 mg kit is sufficient for 93,750 x 48 µl standard protocol well assays. Bulk quantities of loading kits are available upon request.


Manuals & protocols