Life Even Better

“IWIN has exemplified many of our core values and personality traits. I embrace and applaud the efforts of IWIN and have seen firsthand the powerful impact it has had on our organization.”

We believe in the power of science to make life better and the power of an engaged workforce to make it happen. To empower employees to share in determining their career paths, we provide multiple opportunities for development and professional growth and keep a steady finger on the pulse of our culture.

Employee Feedback

We are part of a fast-moving industry that has a great deal of influence on our culture. By constantly monitoring engagement, we are able to respond quickly and make changes as deemed necessary. For all employees across the globe, we provide for a formal, quarterly dialog process between the employee and his or her manager. It is an ongoing conversation designed to address challenges and opportunities as they arise. We also track overall engagement through an annual survey, which is designed to help assess employee engagement and job satisfaction collectively.

The International Women's Influential Network (IWIN)

The International Women’s Influential Network (IWIN) is a grassroots organization that creates opportunities for networking, mentoring, and leadership development for employees. The IWIN goal is to encourage, inspire, and empower employees to actively manage their career development and to expand their connection beyond their current roles. IWIN creates tangible benefits, including enhanced employee engagement and development of a diversity of leadership styles. IWIN creates a space for employees to network with executives and peers, build mentor relationships, learn about our customers and our business, and grow as leaders.


We continue to drive engagement through our mentoring program utilizing a tool to match mentees with a mentor who has the specific experience that will help guide them to improve their skills, capabilities, and overall perspective. People interested in mentoring choose between two different kinds of learning opportunities. The first is a more traditional six-month mentor/mentee relationship, and the second is a shorter-term, eight-week commitment that focuses more on building skills and technical knowledge.

Sustainability highlights: