Will you be attending Ion World 2012 tomorrow? It is the eve of Ion World, an exciting event that will bring together a community of scientists performing cutting-edge research across the full landscape of genomics. 

As seen on the published agenda, highlights of the Ion World 2012 event include a comprehensive list of experienced and respected keynote speakers as well as a scientific poster session.  

Confirmed speakers for Ion World include:
Dr. Craig Venter – J. Craig Venter Institute
Dr. Joe Boland – National Cancer Institute(NCI)
Dr. Stephen Yip – University of British Columbia, Canada
Dr. Dag Harmsen – University of Muenster, Germany
Dr. Chad Nusbaum – Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, MA
Dr. Marilyn Li – Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX
Dr. Tim Triche – Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Jonathan Rothberg – Ion Torrent / Life Technologies

The poster session
If you submitted a poster, good luck!

Posters that attendees can expect to see reflect each lab’s work with the larger Ion community and posters using Ion semiconductor sequencing.

Additionally, they will feature:

  • How labs are using the technology to further their research
  • What labs have done to make the wet lab or data analysis workflow simpler, faster or more scalable
  • Tips and Tricks--Keys to record runs

Print out the complete agenda to be sure that you don't miss anything and enjoy the event.