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Life Technologies is committed to hiring candidates transitioning from the military as well as alumni of the armed services to enrich our talented team and we are beginning to get noticed by the veteran community for our efforts.

U.S. Veterans Magazine recently named Life Technologies one of the 2013 “Best of the Best” Veteran-Friendly Companies. Mona Lisa Faris, president and publisher of the U.S. Veterans Magazine, stated: “It is our firm belief that veterans possess the character, discipline and skills that every business can profit from.” Life Technologies is proving through its practices that it feels the same way.

That is exactly the approach being taken by Philip Dana, Life Technologies Sr. Manager for TA Operations, Global Ops, IT, BTO, & Military Talent. In 2012, we launched the “Advancing: With Honor” program to help officer and enlisted veterans from all branches of the military, including wounded warriors and military spouses, transition from active duty or other industries to a career at Life Technologies. Today, we are using our purpose to bring on this talent and take the lead in veteran recruiting.

Just this week, New Scientist Magazine featured Life Technologies as one of the top companies taking the lead to recruit veterans because of their skill sets, passion and drive to make a difference. Over the past year, there has been an increase in interest from veterans to enter into the scientific field and help make a difference in the world.

Life’s Matthew Brogdon, senior military recruiter and former army captain, was featured in the article saying, "You don't leave home when you're 18 to be shipped off to another part of the world if you don't believe in something." He believes that Life Technologies embodies that pride that can be found here, too.

The transition is natural and is a great fit for many in this large and diverse talent pool. Just as individuals join the military to answer a greater calling, many join Life Technologies to help accomplish our mission of shaping discovery and improving life.

"They're passionate, engaged people, and that's what we're looking for," said Brogdon.

Some other recent coverage for Life Technologies include: a television commercial featured on the Pentagon channel, Philip Dana and Matthew Brogdon being interviewed for our efforts in recruiting on the channel’s Hiring America newscast and our partnerships with organizations such as Hire America’s Heroes and Operation Impact.

For more information about Life Technologies Programs, visit our veterans Careers page.