The New York Genome Center and Life Technologies are co-sponsoring a public education event around genomics and sequencing technology in Times Square on April 25.

Activities will include live DNA sequencing on the Ion bus, the first-ever mobile sequencing lab that is touring the country. Previously, DNA sequencing could only be observed in elite research labs, but now New Yorkers will have the opportunity to see sequencing in action.

Members of the public and news media are invited to tour the Ion bus to learn how semiconductor sequencing technology applies to our daily lives; how it helped solve last year’s E. coli outbreak in Germany in two hours, and how the New York Genome Center, an early adopter of this technology, will be using the Ion Personal Genome Machine to speed biomedical research.

Representatives from Life Technologies and the New York Genome Center will be on site to further discuss the benefits gene sequencing brings to our daily lives.

Visit the Ion bus page to see the full schedule of bus stops across the country.