Affordable- the size and price to meet your needs and your budget
Active- pure and tested for biological performance
Relevant- growing portfolio of mammalian expressed proteins, with new products from Sino biological

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 PECAM1 (CD31) Recombinant Mouse Protein, His Tag 50408-M08H-5
 L1CAM (CD171) Recombinant Human Protein, His Tag 10140-H08H-5
 CADM3 Recombinant Mouse Protein, His Tag 50476-M08H-5
 ESAM Recombinant Human Protein, His Tag 10187-H08H-5
 ICAM1 Recombinant Human Protein, hIgG1-Fc.His Tag, Active 10346-H03H-5

How did you find out about Sino Biological proteins?

 Sales Representative
 Life Technologies Website
 Search Engine

From whom do you currently purchase recombinant proteins and/or growth factors?

 Gibco by Life Technologies
 R&D Systems
 StemCell Technologies

What application will you be using the protein in?

 Western Blotting
 Mass Spectrometry
 I am interested in receiving a quotation for more proteins.
 Yes, I wish to receive communication via telephone, email, or other electronic means on the Life Technologies goods and services.