Precise Single-Use Filling System
The Thermo Scientific™ Precise™ Single-Use Filling System is a small, modular machine that employs single-use tubing assemblies and bags to create a clean, efficient method of filling. The filling line can be custom-configured to attach to any fluid source such as single-use mixers or holding tanks. You can also custom-configure the filling system and bioprocess containers (BPCs) to your requirements, to fit your specific application.

Key features of the Precise Single-Use Filling System

The Precise Single-Use Filling System gives users a platform to fill single-use BPCs for a variety of applications. While the BPCs and the fill connectors can be specified to each unique requirement, the equipment has been developed to accommodate precise, semiautomatic filling using a weight scale and terminal.

  • Manual or semiautomatic filling system models available
  • Weight scale integration capabilities
  • Small footprint 
  • Easy to clean
  • Improves fluid transfer
  • Accurate volumetric filling
  • Predefined filling processes
  • Standard and custom BPCs available for use
Benefits of the Precise single-use BPCs
  • The Precise Filling System with BPC and fill connector helps to ensure superior sterility when used in a laminar flow hood and with aseptic filling practices
  • BPCs comprised of Thermo Scientific™ ASI™ 28 and ASI™ 26/77 films are available as standard or custom configurations
  • Customized BPCs comprised of Thermo Scientific™ Aegis™5-14 and Thermo Scientific™ CX5-14 films are available upon request
  • Variety of port options available to simplify final dispense use
  • Multi-use fluid transfer assemblies can be custom-configured for validation of unique applications
  • Reduces cleaning time, water use, and risk of cross contamination

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