Invitrogen is building more Molecular Probes® fluorescent-based reagents for High Content Screening (HCS) every day.
Glutathione Detection Assay
The newest tool for HCS makes glutathione detection easy.  See its advantages in the 2008 CHI High Content Analysis award winning poster

Essential HCS Tools
Discover the range of tools for automated imaging. See what we have for your multiplexed HCS experiments:

  • Novel solutions—Click-iT™ Edu to assess cell proliferation and LipidTOX™ to assess neutral and phospholipids

  • Essentials—CellMask™ segmentation tools Classics—Mitotracker®, Lysotracker®, and TO-PRO® 3

Validated Antibodies
We also have a wide selection of primary antibodies as well as the Alexa Fluor® secondary antibody conjugates, all validated for fluorescence imaging.