Navigate to high transfection efficiency in your cancer cell type

Introducing validated transfection protocols for the most studied cancer cell lines and cancer types, designed to help you get the results you want the first time with minimal optimization. Find your cell line–specific protocol for breast, lung, prostate, or liver cancer. The new protocols provide you with a step-by-step guide to help ensure high transfection efficiency with low toxicity for your specific cancer cell line. The protocols cover growing cells, culture conditions, and passaging through to successful transfection results.

Find protocols for specific cancer cell lines using the table below

Cell line name Cancer type
Hs 578T  Breast
MCF10A  Breast
MCF7  Breast
MDA-MB-231  Breast
MDA-MB-453  Breast
MDA-MB-468  Breast
SK-BR-3  Breast
Hep 3B2.1-7  Liver
Hep G2  Liver
Hepa 1-6  Liver
A549  Lung
NCI-H23  Lung
NCI-H460  Lung
DU 145  Prostate
LNCaP  Prostate