Reproducible results at a lower cost
Advanced™ DMEM, DMEM/F-12, RPMI, and MEM

Reproducible results

  • Fewer lot-to-lot changes of serum means less variability in your cell culture conditions

Lower cost

  • Using less serum and testing fewer lots results in reduced expenses for your laboratory
GIBCO® Advanced™ media are enhanced basal media formulations of DMEM, DMEM/F-12, MEM, and RPMI 1640.  Enriched with normal-serum constituents, these media require 50–90% less FBS supplementation, with equivalent or superior cell growth, and no change in morphology or function of many common cell lines (Figure 1).

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Equivalent growth using less sera

For many standard cell lines, Advanced™ media can be used as a direct replacement for classical media.  Growth comparisons of several cell lines grown in Advanced™ media (1–2% FBS) compared to classical media (5% FBS) show equivalent or superior cell growth and no change in morphology (Figure 1).

RPMI Chart

Figure 1. Growth comparison of multiple cell lines in standard RPMI 1640 supplemented with 5% FBS to Advanced™ RPMI 1640 supplemented with 0.5% to 5% FBS.

Standard RPMI 1640 supplemented with 4 mM L-glutamine and 5% FBS was compared to Advanced™ RPMI 1640 supplemented with 4 mM L-glutamine and 5%, 2%, 1%, or 0.5% FBS. SP2, Jurkat, VERO, Raji, and Daudi cells were plated at an appropriate seeding density per 25-cm 2 flask and incubated at 37˚C in a 5% CO 2 and 95% air-humidified incubator over a four-day passage cycle for two passages.  On the third passage, cells were seeded appropriately into 24-well plates and incubated as noted above for seven days.  Average cell count at day 5 (triplicate samples) is reported above.

Recommended supplementation for tested cell lines

Direct substitution for basal media

For most applications, no weaning or adaptation procedures are necessary to reduce serum supplementation by at least 50% in a wide variety of cell lines.  Provided in a 1x liquid format, Advanced™ DMEM, DMEM/F-12, MEM, and RPMI 1640 only require the addition of GlutaMAX™-I Supplement or L-glutamine and the appropriate reduced amount of serum to make complete media.

Using less sera has multiple benefits

Lowering your use of serum addresses many issues of cost, supply, quality, consistency, and regulatory concerns that you face daily in cell culture.

Advanced™ media is a trusted GIBCO® product

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