The interaction between rac1 and its guanine nucleotide dissociation inhibitor (GDI), monitored by a single fluorescent coumarin attached to GDI.

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Fluorescence methods for monitoring interactions of Rab proteins with nucleotides, Rab escort protein, and geranylgeranyltransferase.

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WDYHV1 Antibody


The HPr kinase from Bacillus subtilis is a homo-oligomeric enzyme which exhibits strong positive cooperativity for nucleotide and fructose 1,6-bisphosphate binding.

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Mechanism of nucleotide release from Rho by the GDP dissociation stimulator protein.

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Elucidation of binding determinants and functional consequences of Ras/Raf-cysteine-rich domain interactions.

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Targeting of Rac1 to the phagocyte membrane is sufficient for the induction of NADPH oxidase assembly.

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Mechanism of Rab geranylgeranylation: formation of the catalytic ternary complex.

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Transient kinetic studies on the interaction of Ras and the Ras-binding domain of c-Raf-1 reveal rapid equilibration of the complex.

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Evidence for a second nucleotide binding site in rat elongation factor eEF-2 specific for adenylic nucleotides.

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Kinetics of the interaction of translation factor SelB from Escherichia coli with guanosine nucleotides and selenocysteine insertion sequence RNA.

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Interactions of Escherichia coli primary replicative helicase DnaB protein with nucleotide cofactors.

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RanBP10 is a cytoplasmic guanine nucleotide exchange factor that modulates noncentrosomal microtubules.

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The kinetic mechanism of the GAP-activated GTPase of p21 ras.

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