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What are the activities and applications of Exonuclease III, Mung Bean Nuclease, and S1 Nuclease?


Exonuclease III catalyzes the removal of mononucleotides from a 3'-OH terminus of duplexed DNA. It requires a substrate of double-stranded DNA containing a blunt end or a 3' recessed end. Exonuclease III also works at nicks to generate gaps.

S1 nuclease is an endonuclease specific for single-stranded DNA or RNA and can be used to study nucleic acid hybridization, mapping RNA start sites and RNA splice sites. This enzyme is five times more active on DNA than RNA, and it will digest all nucleic acids if the enzyme is added to the reaction in excess.

Mung bean nuclease is an endonuclease similar in action to S1 nuclease. Unlike S1 nuclease, it is used to generate blunt ended DNA from ss overhangs.

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