What extraction reagents are recommended for efficient Mouse tissue analysis?

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We have 5 different cell and tissue extraction buffers suitable for preparing mouse cell and tissue extracts. These buffers can be used to extract cells and tissues from many other species as well. The exact compositions of all of our buffers are proprietary, but they are similar to those described by many researchers.

Four of these buffers can be used to prepare extracts which can be analyzed with our ELISA and Luminex kits and by Western blotting. Our Cell Extraction Buffer (FNN0011) contains extra phosphatase inhibitors and resembles the RIPA formulation that many people use. Our Tissue Extraction Reagents I (FNN0071) and II (FNN0081) contain different concentrations of NaCl and different surfactants, but are otherwise similar to each other. For those who prefer using an extraction buffer containing the detergent NP-40, we have our NP-40 Lysis Buffer (FNN0021). Finally, we sell a Denaturing Cell Extraction buffer (FNN0091) which contains 3 detergents and a chaotropic agent. Extracts prepared with FNN0091 can be analyzed with our ELISA kits and by Western blotting only. These buffers do not contain protease inhibitors, which the investigator should add right before use.

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