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The Thermo Scientific molecular biology portfolio represents a wide range of innovative high-quality reagents, and plastic consumables to help accelerate your research. With such a wide offering it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why we have created this list of our most popular molecular biology products. Whether you want traditional Taq or high-fidelity DNA polymerases, simple and fast tools for cloning and electrophoresis, reliable performance in cDNA synthesis, or specialized PCR enzymes, these top picks are what you need.

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Phusion DNA Polymerases

Phusion DNA Polymerases have proven to be the first choice for several demanding PCR applications, including the creation of the first functional synthetic genome.

FastDigest Restriction Enzymes

Simplify your workflow with all 176 enzymes 100% active in a single buffer.

Maxima Reverse Transcriptases

Thermo Scientific Maxima Reverse Transcriptases are developed through molecular evolution to help maximize performance in cDNA synthesis.

DreamTaq DNA Polymerases

Available in both hot-start and standard formats, the Thermo Scientific DreamTaq DNA Polymerase is an enhanced Taq DNA polymerase optimized for all standard PCR applications.

GeneRuler DNA Ladders

Ideal for sizing and approximate quantification, these ladders come in fragment sizes from 10 bp–48.5 kb.

Direct PCR Kits

Amplify without purification and enable significant savings in both time and cost with human, animal, and plant samples.

CloneJET PCR Cloning Kits

Versatile, advanced positive selection system for high-efficiency cloning of PCR products.

PCR and qPCR Plastics

Thermo Scientific PCR plastics, ranging from plates, seals and more, are designed, manufactured, and tested to enable high performance PCR.

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Molecular Biology Resource Library

Webinars, videos, articles, and selection guides

Molecular Biology Web Tools

Tools for primer analysis, reaction setup, biochemical conversions, and calculators