A complete genetic engineering, genome editing tool kit

To help researchers in their quest to understand how the genome influences phenotype, we’ve developed the only complete toolset comprising trusted solutions for every step in the cell engineering workflow. Our collection of optimized, validated technology systems are designed to work together to eliminate the trial-and-error phase and help you get answers faster and with less effort.  Every lab is unique, so we offer a range of genome editing solutions to cater to your needs. Whether you want results fast, seek full control over every step in designing your gene edit, or need help with engineering cells to your specific needs, we have solutions that fit.

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Rapid and efficient editing with multiplexing capabilities.

Precise and flexible editing; targeting to any gene in any cell, with all-around freedom.

Quickly design optimal CRISPR gRNAs with minimal off-target effects. 

Collaborating as partners to accelerate your discovery.

Optimized products & protocols for optimal CRISPR-Cas9 delivery.

Essential tools for monitoring the efficiency of your genome editing experiments.

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The Power of CRISPR Genome Editing

Next level CRISPR editing—Cas9 RNP

Need assistance with CRISPR gRNA design?

Our CRISPR Search & Design tool allows you to search our database of >600,000 predesigned CRISPR gRNAs in human and mouse genes or analyze your sequence of interest for de novo gRNA designs using our proprietary algorithms. Up to 25 gRNA sequences per gene are provided with recommendations based on potential off-target effects for each CRISPR sequence.

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