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When the world seeks the truth, it turns to you. But uncovering the truth presents complex challenges that require a partner you can depend on. That’s why listening to and answering to you is our highest priority, and informs everything we do—so you can focus on making a difference.
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DNA Quantification

Our Applied Biosystems Quantifiler DNA quantification kits provide everything needed to quickly and precisely quantitate human genomic DNA.

Sexual Assault Casework

The Applied Biosystems products such as QuantiFile Trio, GlobalFiler, and Yfiler Plus kits provide a compatible workflow to help maximize information generated on each sample.

PCR Amplification

Our PCR amplification kits combine the sensitivity of PCR with the power of multicolor fluorescence technology to enable robust, reliable results.

DNA Analysis (instrument systems)

Applied Biosystems capillary electrophoresis (CE) instrument systems have been validated by the human identification community and are the most widely trusted CE systems available.

Validation and Verification Services

Our Human Identification Professional Services (HPS) are designed to help you more quickly integrate, validate and implement new methodologies and technologies.

Data Interpretation (software)

Applied Biosystems GeneMapper ID-X Software streamlines routine data analysis and manual review for both single-source and forensic casework samples.

Next-Generation Sequencing

Our next-generation sequencing (NGS) solutions can help you get more information from challenging samples.

Sample Collection

The Copan NUCLEIC-CARD and 4N6FLOQSwabs collection systems maximize efficiency and help achieve highest-quality results.

HID Webinar Series

Our professional services team explores the latest tools for DNA sample assessment and amplification, which can significantly improve your workflow for obtaining interpretable profiles from sexual assault and other difficult casework samples.

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