To complete the Gibco® Cell Culture Basics Training & online exam, simply follow the steps below and be awarded the GIBCO® Cell Culture Basics Certificate of Achievement.

Step 1: Ask your local Sales representative  for a free copy of the Cell Culture Basics Handbook & Videos.
Alternatively, click here to download the PDF version of GIBCO® Cell Culture Basics and watch the videos below.

Step 2: When you have completed studying the GIBCO® Cell Culture Basics Handbook and Videos,  you are now ready to take the online exam.

Step 3: Once you have completed the exam, you will be awarded with a GIBCO® Cell Culture Basics Certicate of Achievement. The exam should take approximately 45 minutes.

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Cell Culture Basics Videos

This video provides an overview of the basic equipment used in cell culture and proper laboratory set-up.

Video 2:  Sterile Technique

Video: Sterile Techniques

This video is focused on the steps you should take to prevent contamination of your cell culture.

Video 3:  Passaging Cells

Video: Passaging

Video 3 in the five part series explains why, when and how to passage cells grown in both adherent and suspension cultures.

Video 4:  Freezing Cells

Video: Freezing

This video demonstrates the critical steps required to freeze cells while maintaining optimal cell health.

Video 5:  Thawing Cells

Video: Thawing

Video 5 presents the best way to thaw cells without harming them in this stressful process.

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