Need a different kind of vial?

Need a different kind of vial?

We offer selection of vials and closures to match your application and autosampler requirements. These specialty vials include EPA, headspace, pre-cleaned, reaction, 4mL, sample storage and shell vials. 

Popular specialty vial products

Featured specialty vials

EPA vials

Recommended for discrete water sampling under EPA 40 CFR 136 “Guidelines for Establishing Test Procedures for the Analysis of Pollutants” and EPA 40 CFR 141 “National Interim Primary Drinking Water Regulations: Control of Trihalomethanes in Drinking Water.”

Headspace vials

Headspace Vials meet or exceed OEM specifications to ensure autosampler compatibility.

Headspace Vials
4mL vials

Manufactured from high quality glass, these 4mL (13mm), 15x45mm vials feature 13-425 thread finish and fit a variety of autosamplers.

4mL Vials
Sample Storage Vials
Sample storage vials

Store your samples with confidence and convenience with these assembled screw vial kits.

Shell vials

Shell vials are an economical choice for many routine HPLC applications. These neckless vials with inserts are sold as kits including polyethylene push in caps to assure proper fit and function.

Shell Vials
Vials and Closures Catalog

Access the latest version of our Chromatography Columns and Consumables Catalog to ensure that you're optimizing your applications. Our enhanced online version features a robust applications search tool, access to method development guides, application notebooks, and much more.

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