Revolutionizing fluorescent microscopy

The powerful yet easy-to-use Invitrogen EVOS FL Cell Imaging System provides the flexibility to fit most epifluorescence microscopy applications. Combining precision components with unique design functionality, the EVOS FL Cell Imaging System has revolutionized fluorescent microscopy.

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EVOS FL Cell Imaging System Specs

Attribute EVOS FL Detail
Illumination Adjustable-intensity LED (>50,000-hour life per light cube)
Contrast methods Epifluorescence and transmitted light (bright field and phase contrast)
Objective turret 5-position, front-mounted control
Fluorescence channels Simultaneously accommodates up to 4 fluorescent light cubes
Condenser Includes 3 positions, with bright-field and phase-contrast annuli
Condenser working distance 60 mm
Stage Mechanical “glide” stage with X-Y axis fine-positioning controls
Interchangeable vessel holders available
LCD display 15” high-resolution (1,024 x 768 pixels) color monitor with adjustable tilt
Sony ICX445 monochrome CCD,
1/3” 1,280 x 960, 1.3 megapixels
Sony ICX285AQ color CCD,
2/3” 1,360 x 1,024, 1.4 megapixels
Captured images
Monochrome camera:
16-bit monochrome TIFF or PNG (12-bit dynamic range); 24-bit color TIFF or PNG;
JPEG, BMP (1,280 x 960 pixels)
Color camera:
16-bit color TIFF or PNG (12-bit dynamic range); 24-bit color TIFF or PNG;
JPEG, BMP (1,360 x 1,024 pixels)
Output ports 3 USB ports, 1 DVI port (supports direct output to USB and networked storage)
Thermo Fisher Cloud
Save files to Cloud through computer
Power supply AC adaptor
Dimensions Height: 578 mm (22.8 in)
Depth: 470 mm (18.5 in)
Width: 355 mm (14.0 in)
Weight 15.3 kg (33.7 lb)

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