• OSHA-recordable rate: 10% improvement year over year
  • Days Away and Restricted Time (DART) rate: 10% improvement year over year
  • Achieve OSHA VPP (or equivalent) for all sites where applicable

We recognize that a robust safety program is essential. From our grassroots safety committees to management commitment and CEO review of every single incident, our employees are engaged and active participants in driving our safety performance company-wide. Our program not only meets regulatory requirements, we are committed to going beyond the basics and are striving toward a goal of zero workplace injuries—when it comes to the well-being of our people, even one injury is too many.

An injury-free workplace cannot be achieved solely through physical changes; significant improvements can only be achieved in combination with a strong culture of safety. And it's not just about our workplace; we actively work to protect the safety of our products and our communities as well.

Globally, we use U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards to report all work-related injuries and illnesses. We determine this as a rate based on 100 employees working 2,000 hours annually. We measure health and safety performance against two metrics: the OSHA-recordable injury and illness rate, and the Days Away and Restricted Time (DART) rate.


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