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Welcome to the Amplify your way web page. Here you’ll find a collection of useful tools for scientists at the bench doing amplification as part of their work. Visit “Amplify your way” often to get useful information for PCR research such as applications, frequently asked questions, tips and tricks, informative videos, and webinars that can enhance your PCR work and help you get rapid and accurate results.

You’ll also find current promotions for Applied Biosystems® and Invitrogen™ products, as well as fun videos, cartoons, and downloadable mobile applications.

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Cycler Services & Functionality


Learn more about our line of PCR thermal cyclers and what kinds of services we offer.

Elevate Your PCR


Find useful PCR tutorials and information with our PCR video library and PCR webinar series.

Fun PCR Videos &


Sit back and watch these fun PCR videos and check out our PCR promotions.