PCR, so reliable, we guarantee your results.

Get a successful PCR reaction the first time with AccuPrime™ enzymes and primers from Invitrogen. Put an end to waste: no more rework or optimization and repeat reactions. Start getting used to PCR you can count on. And if something should go wrong, we’ll troubleshoot and make it right - even redesign and synthesize primers at no charge.

What happens when your PCR doesn’t work the first time?

Time, money, and resources are wasted on tedious repetitive steps such as primer quantification, primer screening, and PCR optimization. Chances are, you’ll have to redesign and resynthesize primers, further delaying your project. All this due to the fussy nature of PCR.

DNA polymerases help reduce your overall cost per result by:

  • Insuring PCR success with only one round of primer design
  • Reducing the hassle of managing and reworking oligos
  • Enabling you to spend time on research rather than optimization

You can count on AccuPrime™ Technology

For accurate PCR performance, AccuPrime™ DNA polymerases set the standard. You’ll amplify your DNA targets cycle after cycle, eliminating troubleshooting and rework. How does it work? In addition to a powerful DNA polymerase, the AccuPrime™ enzymes include Platinum® anti-DNA polymerase antibodies that provide an automatic hot start, and an accessory protein that enhances specific primer-template hybridization during every cycle of PCR (Figure 1). This unique combination allows for success, even under previously suboptimal conditions.

Figure 1.  How AccuPrime™ Works
AccuPrime™ Guarantee
Invitrogen is committed to your PCR success. Simply use any AccuPrime™ DNA Polymerase or SuperMix and custom DNA oligos from Invitrogen and your reaction is guaranteed. If it does not work, we will troubleshoot, redesign, and resynthesize new primer pairs at no additional charge. Our award-winning technical service team is just one phone call away.

There is an AccuPrime™ product for your application

AccuPrime™ technology is available in Taq, Pfx, GC-Rich, and SuperMix formulations, so you’ll find one that meets your needs.

All AccuPrime™ PCR Systems include dNTPs