The PureLink® kits are a family of nucleic acid purification systems designed to meet the challenges posed by specific nucleic acid types, sample sources and volumes, throughput levels and downstream applications. These kits are based on either silica-membrane technology or anion exchange resin technology.

PureLink® Spin Column-Based Kits

The PureLink® spin column kits are a family of fast, simple, and cost-effective nucleic acid purification kits designed for the preparation of genomic DNA, plasmid DNA, total RNA, microRNAs and formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) RNA. These kits make use of proven silica membrane technology and eliminate the complex steps associated older methodologies. Kits are available for both low-throughput (single samples) and high-throughput (96- and 384-sample) applications (Figure 1).

PureLink® 96 Genomic DNA Kit


Figure 1. Simple, high-throughput sample processing with the PureLink® 96 Genomic DNA Kit.

Nucleic Acid Species Application Product
Genomic DNA Animal tissues and cells PureLink® Genomic DNA
Genomic DNA Plant tissues PureLink® Genomic Plant DNA Purification Kit
Plasmid DNA Manual miniprep samples—Molecular Biology grade PureLink® Quick Plasmid Miniprep Kit
Plasmid DNA Manual miniprep samples—Transfection grade PureLink® HQ and HQ 96 Mini Plasmid Purification Kits
Plasmid DNA High-throughput plasmid minipreps—96-well  Molecular Biology grade PureLink® 96 and 384 Plasmid Purification Systems
Plasmid DNA High-throughput plasmid minipreps—96-well  Transfection grade PureLink® HQ and HQ 96 Mini Plasmid Purification Kits
Plasmid DNA High-throughput plasmid minipreps—384-well Molecular Biology grade PureLink® 96 and 384 Plasmid Purification Systems
DNA Agarose gel extraction PureLink® Gel Extraction Kit
DNA PCR reaction clean-up PureLink® PCR Purification Kit
RNA Total RNA from animal and plant cells, tissues, whole blood, yeast, bacteria PureLink® RNA Mini Kit
RNA Whole blood PureLink® Total RNA Blood Kit
RNA Total RNA from bacteria, yeast, plants and mammalian cells—96 well PureLink® 96 RNA Purification System
RNA MicroRNA (miRNA) PureLink® miRNA Isolation Kit
RNA Total RNA from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples PureLink™ FFPE RNA Isolation Kit

PureLink® Anion Exchange Column-Based Kits

The PureLink® anion exchange columns make use of a patented chromatography resin to purify plasmid DNA to a level equivalent to 2X CsCl gradients. This unique material resin provides excellent capacity with high flow rates, high resolution, high yield, and efficient endotoxin removal. PureLink® HiPure Plasmid DNA Purification Kits which incorporate this anion exchange resin provide several key advantages over alternative materials (Figure 2):

  • Purification of all types and sizes of plasmid DNA, including BAC (Bacterial Artificial Chromosome), bacmids, and ssM13 DNAs
  • High-quality purified plasmid DNA suited for sensitive mammalian transfections
  • High yield of plasmid DNA
  • Reliable performance of the purified plasmid DNA in a variety of applications
  • The PureLink® HiPure BAC Buffer Kit provides additional buffers and reagents for performing BAC DNA isolation using the PureLink® HiPure Plasmid Kits.

Optimized HiPure Resin

Figure 2. Optimized HiPure Resin has high capacity and specificity for binding DNA. The patented anion-exchange resin consists of anion-exchange functional group (DEAE), a long spacer arm, and a uniform, high-surface area particle. The density of the ligand (DEAE plus spacer arm) has been optimized for plasmid purifiation. The resin has a very high DNA-binding capacity and an exceptional ability to seperate plasmids from RNA, proteins and endotoxins.

Products for Plasmid DNA Purification

Kits are available for all quantities of plasmid DNA purification. At larger-scales or preparation (i.e. midiprep, maxiprep, megaprep and gigaprep) simple gravity-flow and vacuum-aided filtration devices are provided to speed and simplify bacterial lysate clarification (Figure 3).

PureLink® HiPure plasmid DNA purification system  

Figure 3. The PureLink® HiPure plasmid DNA purification systems are available in miniprep to gigaprep sizes. PureLink® HiPure Mini-, and Midi-, and Maxiprep Kits use fast-flow gravity columns, while the Megaprep and Gigaprep Kits employ vacuum-assisted filter cartridges to accelerate processing time. A unique filtration cartridge and precipitator module is also available in several kit formats, reducing total processing time by 50%.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.