Gibco™ reagents for neural cell culture have been trusted and published by researchers for more than twenty years. This trusted family of products is available under the CTS™ product line to provide workflow solutions that will:

  • Reduce your burden in qualifying reagents during transition from research to clinical applications
  • More easily meet regulatory and quality requirements

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We offer a collection of Cell Therapy Systems (CTS™) products for cell therapy research and further manufacturing of cell-, gene- and tissue-based products. For more information about our product offerings, ordering information and customer support, access our Gibco® CTS™ brochure: View brochure.

Neurobasal CTS Media

Ideal for maintenance and expansion of human embryonic or post-natal neural stem cells and primary neurons. Allows for pure populations of neuronal cells without the need for an astrocyte feeder layer.

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B-27 Supplement, XenoFree CTS


Xenofree variation of the original, trusted B-27® Serum Free Supplement.  All animal origin components from the original formulation have been replaced with recombinant or human origin components.

Ideal for studies requiring the absence of non-human origin components, such as differentiation or neural stem cells.

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N-2 Supplement CTS

Serum-free, chemically defined supplement for the growth and expression of post-mitotic neurons and tumor cells of neuronal phenotype. 

  • Create a complete media by using N-2 Supplement CTS™ with any Neurobasal® CTS™ or KnockOut™ DMEM/F-12 CTS™  media.

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Hibernate CTS Media

Serum-free, nutrient basal media for short-term maintenance of CNS tissues and cells at ambient CO2 conditions.

  • Use Hibernate®-A CTS™ Medium with postnatal neurons
  • Use Hibernate®-E CTS™ Medium with embryonic neurons

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Synth-a-Freeze CTS media

Chemically defined, protein-free liquid cryopreservation medium intended for freezing and storing a variety of mammalian cell types including neural stem cells.

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Gibco CTS Growth Factors

High quality growth factors and cytokines for t-cell and dendritic cell applications.

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CELLstart CTS substrate

Fully defined, xenofree substrate for neural stem cell growth and expansion.  Dilute with DPBS CTS™ media with calcium and magnesium.

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For Research Use or Non-Commercial Manufacturing of Cell- Based Products for Clinical Research. CAUTION: Not Intended for Direct Administration into Humans or Animals.