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Together, we are shaping global health.

We are leveraging our years of expertise in high-quality research platforms to bring you the most advanced surveillance tools available. From infectious diseases to newborn screening, we are committed to providing rapid, reliable and accurate solutions, service, and support to meet the demanding needs of public health laboratories.

Diagnostic products

In vitro diagnostic instruments for real-time PCR, Sanger sequencing, and PCR thermal cycling.In vitro diagnostic real-time PCR kits for the qualitative detection of infectious diseases, including respiratory and hospital-acquired infections.

Custom TaqMan® Assays and plating services to meet your specific dye labeling, formulation, and volume requirements.

General purpose reagents for qPCR and sequencing, designed for use in molecular diagnostic test development.

Research tools

Pioneering next-generation sequencing and real-time PCR solutions.

Efficient influenza detection from viral RNA isolation to reverse transcription, as well as subtype detection using real-time PCR.

Highly accurate and sensitive solutions for the detection of genomic variants using exome sequencing, targeted gene panels, and real-time PCR.

Surveillance and food safety assays

Recommended protocols and reagents for human and avian virus surveillance.

Fast, accurate, and innovative food safety technologies, with dedicated global service and support to protect your brand and your bottom line.

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