Biopharmaceuticals are complex—characterizing them needn't be

In the complex field of biologic medicine, there is need for advanced applications to fully understand therapeutic protein structure. Thermo Fisher Scientific is proud to have a complete workflow for Peptide Mapping of biopharmaceuticals, that includes technologies that will save you time, increase reproducibility and enable you to achieve 100% coverage:

  • Thermo Scientific™ SMART Digest™ Kits
  • Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ Flex UHPLC
  • Thermo Scientific™ Q Exactive™ Biopharma Platform
  • Thermo Scientific™ BioPharma Finder™ Software

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In recognition of the wondrous beauty of these complex macromolecules, we have commissioned a set of protein characterization illustrations by Ella Maru, a popular scientific artist whose work is frequently featured on the cover of Science, Nature, and other journals.

When you order your poster, as a thank you, you’ll also receive:

A FREE download of the separation of monoclonal antibody variants poster

A FREE download of the tryptic proteolysis of a monoclonal antibody poster

A FREE download of the Peptide Quick Reference Guide

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