Online Pricing

Despite our diligent efforts, a small number of items in our web site may be incorrectly priced. Rest assured that we will verify all prices as part of our shipping procedures and provide you with correct pricing in your order confirmations. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience you might experience. Thank you.

Life Technologies reserves all rights to correct any errors in the online system prior to shipping and billing. If you suspect an error in pricing, please contact our Customer Service Department.

Freight Policy

Life Technologies is committed to delivering your order as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. For non-custom consumables products, domestic freight and/or handling is charged according to the total dollar value and shipping conditions of the products included in your order. Complex instrumentation is subject to specific accessorial/setup fees that vary by product; please contact your Account Manager for further information.

Additional fees may apply for:

  • Products shipping on dry/wet/gel ice
  • Products classified as hazardous materials that require special handling
  • Unusually heavy products
  • Expedited delivery

Note that shipping conditions and recommended storage conditions may not be identical. Further information is available on the product’s web page.

Questions regarding our freight policy may be directed to Life Technologies Customer Service.