MAXimum results, minimum effort: MagMAX sample preparation for veterinary diagnostic testing

Sometimes purifying nucleic acids from animal samples can be like trying to pull a needle out of a haystack. Fortunately, the magnetic particle technology of the Applied Biosystems™ MagMAX™ sample preparation system helps make purifying nucleic acids from animal samples convenient, flexible, and efficient.

Consisting of MagMAX nucleic acid isolation kits along with Thermo Scientific™ KingFisher™ or Applied Biosystems™ MagMAX™ Express magnetic particle processors, the MagMAX sample preparation system can help handle the difficult challenges faced by veterinary diagnostic labs when extracting nucleic acids from biological fluids and cell-free sample types, such as low processing volumes, low concentrations of extractable nucleic acids, and sample complexity.

Featured product: MagMAX CORE universal sample preparation solution

Applied Biosystems™ MagMAX™ CORE is a universal sample preparation solution designed to meet current and future testing needs within diagnostic laboratories. The flexible modular technology is optimized to purify nucleic acids from the widest range of veterinary sample matrices of any sample prep kit on the market. 

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The benefits of MagMAX technology in your lab

The MagMAX sample preparation system is an integrated solution that accelerates, standardizes and automates the extraction of nucleic acids to be used for downstream molecular analysis. All of this is done without using organic solvents or nucleic acid precipitation, thus minimizing the challenges often encountered with filter-based methods, such as clogging, large elution volumes, and inconsistent yields.

  • Fast and easy sample processing—typically less than 30-minute run time for 96 samples
  • Process up to 800 samples per day on a single instrument
  • Provide higher sensitivity with less sample input

MagMAX achieves equal sensitivity with only 1/10 as much sample as a competitor’s kit. Clinical tracheal and cloacal swab samples were collected from poultry infected with California exotic Newcastle disease (END). RNA was isolated from 50 μL of sample using the MagMAX protocol or 500 μL of samples using the NVSL-validated protocol.

  • One system purifies both DNA and RNA from a wide variety of sample types/matrices
  • Minimizes hands-on manipulation
  • Variety of magnetic particle instruments available for many budgetary, application and throughput needs

Wide variety of sample matrices: linear recovery of synthetic viral RNA from biological fluids. MagMAX™ Lysis Buffer was added to samples of water, plasma, serum and milk, and the lysate was then spiked with a serial dilution of a 466 nt HIV Armored RNA™ transcript. Viral RNA was isolated using the MagMAX™ Viral RNA Isolation Kit. The recovered RNA was analyzed by qRT-PCR.

  • Helps minimize the risk of cross-contamination
  • Fewer false negatives due to the effective removal of PCR inhibitors
  • Helps improve the consistency and quality of nucleic acid extraction yields

Performance of MagMAX kit vs. competitors’ kits. The MagMAX™ Pathogen RNA/DNA Kit outperforms competitor magnetic bead–based nucleic acid purification kits. A high-titer PRRSV-positive serum sample was diluted to create mid-titer and low-titer samples. RNA was purified from each dilution in triplicate following each supplier’s directions and using instrument scripts provided by each supplier. Purified RNA was analyzed by qRT-PCR using PRRSV primers and probes. The lowest Ct values were obtained with RNA purified using the MagMAX™ Pathogen RNA/DNA Kit.

A nucleic acid isolation solution for every veterinary diagnostic need

Years of research and development have produced a portfolio of nucleic acid isolation kits optimized to purify RNA and DNA from viruses, selected bacteria and parasites found in sample matrices commonly submitted for veterinary diagnostic testing. Our technology binds RNA and DNA more efficiently than silica membrane methods, offers higher-quality nucleic acid yields, and allows nucleic acids to be eluted in as little as 20 μL (manual extraction) or 25 µL (automated extraction) of nuclease-free water, to deliver more concentrated RNA and DNA.

MagMAX™ Pathogen RNA/DNA Kit—our most versatile solution for veterinary diagnostic labs, providing high-throughput extraction of pathogen RNA or DNA from 50 μL to 300 μL input.

MagMAX™-96 Viral RNA Isolation Kit—offers high-throughput extraction of pathogen RNA or DNA from as little as 50 μL input.

MagMAX™-96 AI/ND Viral RNA Isolation Kit—validated extraction of AIV and NDV RNA for NVSL network labs.

MagMAX™ Total Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit—enables effective extraction of DNA from tough-to-lyse bacteria from feces that require bead beating.

MagMAX™ Viral RNA Isolation Kit—used in high-volume, low-throughput applications, utilizing 1.5 mL tubes with a magnetic rack.

Automate the processing of virtually any sample from any source

The family of KingFisher and MagMAX Express magnetic particle processors is ideal for veterinary diagnostic and research labs looking to automate their MagMAX sample preparation system. For decades our proprietary, industry-leading magnetic separation technology has enabled labs to process virtually any sample from any source and is available in various instrument options to fit many budgetary, application and throughput needs.

KingFisher™ Flex processor—two separate magnetic heads provide 96- or 24-well formats, offering high-throughput or large processing volumes (20 μL to 5,000 μL).

KingFisher™ Duo processor—advanced functionality, mid-throughput capacity (up to 24 samples), and large processing volumes (up to 5 mL).*

KingFisher™ mL processor—provides easy operation of up to 15 samples, including higher processing volumes (50–1,000 μL).*

MagMAX™ Express processor—the original KingFisher system, purifies up to 24 samples at lower processing volumes (20–200 μL).

MagMAX™ Express-96 processor—the workhorse for many high-throughput labs, this unit processes up to 96 samples at a maximum volume of 1,000 μL.

* Protocols for animal health applications have not been validated by Thermo Fisher Scientific.

The MagMAX Pathogen RNA/DNA Kit workflow
VetMAX™ reagents
  • Primers and probes diluted, premixed and optimized for efficient nucleic acid amplification
  • Internal positive control to monitor nucleic acid purification efficacy and PCR inhibition
  • Quality reagents manufactured under ISO 9001 QMS conditions, for confidence in the supply and quality of products

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Master mixes
  • Amplify in the presence of challenging PCR inhibitors
  • Optimized for amplification of low copy number RNA and DNA targets
  • Efficient amplification over 7 logs of RNA and DNA input amount
  • Help save time and money by amplifying up to 4 different RNA targets simultaneously (multiplex kit, assay-dependent)
Applied Biosystems™ 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System
MagMAX™ Sample Preparation System product flyer

Our vision is to provide comprehensive solutions to help diagnose farm animal health issues more quickly and accurately than ever before—and so enhance animal health and productivity. To learn more about our MagMAX sample preparation solutions, please download our product flyer.

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