Polymer-based columns for carbohydrate analysis

Polymer-based columns for carbohydrate analysis

Need a column to separate carbohydrates using dilute acid mobile phase? These polymeric ligand exchange columns utilize a range of counter ions to deliver selectivity required for the analysis of carbohydrates, organic acids, and sugar alcohols. Thermo Scientific™ HyperREZ™ XP HPLC columns are available in H+, Ca+2, Pb+2, and Na+ forms.

Ligand exchange columns


Particle Size



HyperREZ™ XP Carbohydrate Ca2+ LC Columns 8μm 8% cross linkage
  • Adulteration of food and beverage, confectionery, disaccharides, food additives
  • Alcohols, dairy products, fermentation, wine
  • Anomer separation
HyperREZ™ XP Carbohydrate Pb2+ LC Columns 8μm 8% cross linkage
  • Fruit juice
  • Monosaccharides
HyperREZ™ XP Carbohydrate H+ LC Columns 8μm 8% cross linkage
  • Alcohols, dairy products, fermentation, wine
  • Oligosaccharides, glycoprotein constituents, organic acids, fermentation products
HyperREZ™ XP Carbohydrate Na+ LC Columns 10μm 4% cross linkage
  • Corn syrup
About HyperRez XP columns

HyperREZ XP Carbohydrate columns are based on a monodisperse resin with 4 or 8% divinylbenzene content, and provide an ideal medium for the analysis of carbohydrates and organic acids. Unlike silica based columns they are stable at low pH, allowing the use of dilute acid as a mobile phase. The columns can also be run at elevated temperatures for faster analysis and improved resolution of some closely eluting analytes. The columns can be easily regenerated for increased column lifetime. Selectivity differences arise from the interactions of the different counter ions forms with the hydroxyl groups on the analyte molecules.





Adonitol 11.5 14.9 20.4
Arabinose 11.4 13.6 19.4
Erythritol 12.7 15.6 20.3
Fructose 10.6 13.5 19.3
Fucose 12.2 13.7 17.1
Galactose 1.07 12.2 15.6
Glucose 9.9 11.1 13.9
Glycerol 14.1 16.1 19.5
Lactose 8.6 9.7 12.8
Maltose 8.4 9.5 12.5
Maltotriose 7.7 8.7 11.9
Mannitol 11.0 17.3 28.9
Mannose 1.5 12.5 16.7
Raffinose 8.2 8.6 11.4
Sorbitol 11.1 20.7 N/A
Sucrose 9.8 9.4 11.9
Xylose 10.6 12.0 15.0
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