Fast, accurate solutions that help keep your precious customers safe

There’s too much at risk, to take a risk. We deliver exceptionally fast and accurate infant formula testing solutions that help protect your brand, bottom line, and the customers who rely on your product.

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We partner with some of the world's most respected labs and brands to help minimize risk and maximize their competitive edge. We understand the challenging regulatory and business demands placed on infant formula producers and the need to quickly release safe products to market without compromising the well being of your customers, brand, or bottom line.

Our streamlined infant formula and environmental testing workflows adapt and scale to your unique requirements. Whether it's inhibited raw material samples such as lactose, vitamin/mineral additives, soy, or finished products, our solutions are designed to reliably screen for Enterobacter sakazakii, Cronobacter spp, Salmonella spp, Listeria spp, and Listeria monocytogenes with superior speed (results in as little as 18 hours) and specificity, helping to reduce costly false positives and inventory holds. Should a pathogen be detected, our innovative serotyping technology can help pinpoint its location within your supply chain. From fast, reliable, and easily implemented testing workflows, to our award-winning global service and support, we can help you minimize your risk and maximize your competitive edge.

Key Features and Benefits

Confidence in results

Proven test solutions that handle inhibited samples with exceptional accuracy and specificity.

Fast product release

Rapid, accurate screening for Enterobacter sakazakii, Cronobacter, Salmonella, & Listeria.

Brand protection

Serotyping enables you to quickly pinpoint the location of pathogens within your supply chain.

Workflows Optimized For Your Food Safety Needs

A partnership with us helps ensure your company has the competitive edge it expects and the risk reduction your food testing lab demands. From fast, accurate and intuitive tools built on an open-design platform, to dedicated global service and support, our food safety team specializes in workflows that help labs work smarter.

Food Testing solutions workflow

Sample Prep Solutions For Every Need

Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we provide multiple validated sample prep options for pathogen testing that easily integrate into food testing workflows with minimal operator training. The protocols have been tested on a wide range of samples, including environmental, chocolate, infant formula, and soft cheeses.

Pathatrix® Auto System and Kits ›

  • Supports high sample volumes
  • Cuts downstream detection cost
  • 15-minute automated run time
  • Supports ELISA, PCR, and culture

PrepSEQ® NA Extraction Kit & MagMAX™ Express-96 Processor ›

  • More than 30 samples per day
  • Efficiently removes inhibitors
  • Automated sample preparation
  • Minimal training required

RapidFinder™ Direct Lysis

  • Low and high sample throughput
  • Common protocol for pathogens
  • Minimal hands-on-time
  • Low cost sample preparation

Validated Pathogen Detection Kits

MicroSEQ® kits offer exceptional accuracy and time-to-results for the detection of various food borne pathogens in one easy-to-use platform. Selected kits have been validated and certified by the leading global assurance organizations including AOAC, AFNOR, and NPIP.

  • Internal positive control minimizes false positives and negatives
  • Faster time-to-results versus alternative methods, helps reduce inventory hold times
  • Easy-to-use lyophilized format improves testing consistency (reproducibility)
  • Resistance to PCR inhibitors results in broad sample type compatibility and minimizes “do-over’s”

  • TaqMan® Cronobacter sakazakii Detection Kit ›
  • MicroSEQ® Salmonella spp. Detection Kit ›
  • MicroSEQ® Listeria spp. Detection Kit ›
  • 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System

    The 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System combines rapid thermal cycling, powerful software, your choice of off-the-shelf or custom assays, and superior support for a variety of applications. Additionally, all systems are backed by our track record of quality, long-term reliability, and award-winning global service and support.

    7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System
    • Widely used for its high performance capabilities
    • Fast cycling mode delivers results in typically 40 minutes
    • Open system enables a broad range of QC testing
    • Backed by one of the largest global support networks in the industry
    • Supports a broad range of assays for pathogen, GMO, yeast/mold, bacteria and water testing, including other manufacturer’s assays

    7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System ›

    Simplify Your Data Interpretation

    RapidFinder™ Express Software intuitively guides you through each step of the food pathogen detection assay—from run file to final results. The software uses preset, optimized thermal cycling conditions, and automatically generates presence or absence results, which you can view for all locations, for each sample, or for individual tubes.

    RapidFinder Express Software
    • Intuitively guides you through each procedure step—from plate setup to final results
    • Fully automates amplification, detection, data collection, and analysis
    • Quickly evaluate presence and absence calls from an easy-to-read screen display
    • Flag, notification, and prompt options enable you to quickly interpret data

    RapidFinder™ Express Software ›

    Innovative Food Safety Solutions Customized For Your Unique Needs

    We have leveraged our assay design, high-speed sequencing, and bioinformatics expertise to develop food safety solutions that offer results you can trust. As an example, our multi-plex assay design detects multiple strains of Cronobacter spp. in infant formula, baby food, and environmental samples with exceptional speed and specificity.

    Learn more about our Custom Testing solutions

    E. coli O104 outbreak response in record time

    In only five days, we sequenced and identified the deadly strain of E. coli ravaging Europe, helping to develop a screening test that delivered results within
    24 hours.

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    Salmonella detection for a leading pet food producer

    Using an automated real-time PCR method, we designed and validated a complete streamlined workflow to detect Salmonella in pet food in less than 14 hours,
    cutting time-to
    -result by days.

    Rapid recall response for large US turkey producers

    During a recent ground turkey recall, we partnered with two of the largest turkey producers in the US to find a rapid detection solution for the Salmonella serovar
    of interest.