Automating the front-end of the single-source sample workflow has been shown to be critical to streamlining the entire process, while also maximizing sampling integrity and reliability.

Automated sample punch instruments made by BSD Robotics are the industry-leading solution for automated sampling of dried biological specimens, and Life Technologies is now the exclusive distributor and service provider for the BSD600 and BSD1000 Punching Systems for forensic and human identification applications in many countries, including the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

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Streamlined Liquid Handling

By eliminating the tedious steps involved in DNA extraction and purification, the Identifiler® Direct kit facilitates high-throughput processing with a simple, easy-to-automate protocol that requires a less sophisticated and less expensive robotic platform.

Identifiler® Direct PCR reactions can be set-up using any basic liquid handling system capable of precise and reliable pipetting of low volumes of liquids (i.e. 25 µl).

In addition, the Identifiler® Direct kit will be validated by Applied Biosystems for use with the HID EVOlution™ System.