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2013 marks the 60th anniversary of the discovery of DNA's structure and the 30th anniversary of the invention of PCR. Details on upcoming webinars and events, promotions, and more here.

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The GlobalFiler™ STR Kit combines reduced amplification time with maximum data recovery power. Watch the video!


Maximizing Data Quality

Article series focused on how to maximize data quality throughout the HID workflow.

  • Part I: The Importance of DNA Extraction in the Forensic DNA Workflow
  • Part II: DNA Quantitation
  • Part III: Maximizing Performance of Forensic STR Amplification Kits
  • Part IV: Maximizing the Performance of Capillary Electrophoresis Systems
  • Tech Note: Considerations for Evaluating Carryover on Applied Biosystems Capillary Electrophoresis Platforms in a HID Laboratory

Life Technologies is proud to support DNA-PROKIDS, an international organization aimed at fighting human trafficking through the expanded use of DNA databases.




GlobalFiler™ - The World’s Most Powerful STR Kits

Around the world, forensic labs are being asked to do more with less. That’s why the new GlobalFiler™ STR Kits combine reduced amplification time with maximum data recovery power.

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DNA Collection Solutions for Human Identification

Before any DNA sample can be genotyped for human identification purposes, it must first be collected from an individual or crime scene. The NUCLEIC-CARD™ and 4N6FLOQSwabs™ collection systems, in combination with the completely integrated human identification analysis workflow from Life Technologies, enable forensic and paternity laboratories to maximize efficiency and achieve the highest quality results.

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Enhanced Tools for Y-STR Analysis

Y-STR analysis is a valuable tool in certain forensic applications such as sexual assault cases, tracing family relationships among males, missing person investigations and paternity testing. Our strategy therefore is to develop an enhanced Y-STR multiplex that combines well-known loci as well as recently characterized highly discriminating Y-STRs into a single reaction.

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VeriFiler™ Direct PCR Amplification Kit

The VeriFiler™ Direct PCR Amplification Kit is a multiplex assay designed to amplify 9 unique STR loci plus the sex determining marker Amelogenin. The new kit and loci configurations are optimized for use with the Identifiler® series kits to enable increased discriminatory power when needed for your difficult paternity cases.

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Ion Torrent™ Semiconductor Sequencing for Forensic Applications

The Ion Personal Genome Machine® (PGM™) Sequencer is an integrated semiconductor device enabling high throughput non-optical genome sequencing. It delivers the fastest run times, at the most affordable price, of any next-generation sequencer. High accuracy and long reads put the Ion PGM™ Sequencer in a class of its own and makes next-generation sequencing more accessible to scientists around the world.

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Mobile and Web Resources for Human Identification

Stay connected to Human Identification resources digitally by viewing videos from recent HID/Forensics conferences, subscribing to Twitter (@human_id) for the latest news on Human Identification, and registering for the online Ion Community.

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