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Coming soon: HID Real Time v 1.2

Life Technologies is enhancing the HID Real-Time Analysis Software platform in conjunction with the most recent advancements in Quantifiler® kits to provide the next-generation quantification system. Learn more


Integrated forensic DNA software solutions

The forensic DNA workflow requires numerous intricate steps, including complex analysis, procedures, and decisions. As a result, many laboratories heavily rely on their information technology and software systems to help guide them, and effectively manage their day-to-day laboratory operations.

Life Technologies’ integrated software solution for the forensic DNA laboratory can streamline and simplify your lab operations, and provide you confidence in the accuracy and validity of the raw data and final analyzed results that your lab generates.

Life Technologies provides optimized solutions for the DNA laboratory, including integrated tools for:

  • Case and sample management
  • Workflow and laboratory data management
  • Instrument and systems integration
  • Quantification analysis
  • Fragment analysis
  • Expert system genotyping
  • Direct and familial search tools of local databases
  • Relationship testing tools for missing persons and disaster victim identification

Tighter integration between your instrumentation, software, and laboratory workflows can significantly increase your lab’s effectiveness, and simplify your daily operations.
This leaves more time and resources for analyzing more cases, and increasing overall laboratory efficiency.


Forensic software products


HID real-time quantification software

HID Real-Time PCR Analysis Software streamlines the DNA quantification workflow with specially designed Life Technologies assay templates, and an intuitive, easy-to-navigate user interface.

The system can assist in defining the optimal downstream, and speeds up STR analysis by performing automatic calculation for dilution, normalization, and PCR reaction set-up. In addition, the system includes customizable reporting features that allow users to tailor their information and reports to the lab’s specific requirements.

Learn more about HID Real-Time PCR Analysis Software.


GeneMapper® ID-X v1.4 Software

GeneMapper® ID-X is an automated genotyping software system for rapid, confident fragment analysis and genotype profile generation. Genemapper® ID-X Software provides a set of data analysis and sample review tools that streamline sizing, allele calling, mixture analysis, and statistical calculations.

The software offers a comprehensive quality value system that can be optimized and validated for use in both expert system and traditional data analysis workflows. V1.4 has been optimized to be compatible with next generation 6-dye STR chemistries (like GlobalFiler™ and Y-Plus STR PCR Amplification Kits), as well as for use on the Windows® 7 operating system platform.

Learn more about GeneMapper® ID-X Expert Systems.


Converge™ DNA Workflow

Centralize your entire case, sample, and batch information to a single point in the lab. Use Converge™ DNA Workflow to manage your protocols, automate your workflow steps, and simplify your data access and storage.

Converge™ DNA Workflow also integrates seamlessly with your Life Technologies instrumentation and software to provide automated transfer of run files, as well as raw and processed data.

Converge™ DNA Workflow is coming soon.


Converge™ Direct Match

Converge™ Direct Match allows you to generate and search local profile databases. It features:

  • Flexible search parameters, which use various levels of stringency and percentage match criteria
  • Local database integration with your laboratory software.

Converge™ Direct Match is coming soon.


Converge™ Familial Match

Generate and search local profile databases using a proprietary familial search algorithm developed by Life Technologies. Customizable analysis and reporting settings allows you to tailor your search to specific application, case, and search criteria.

You can quickly identify parent, child, and sibling relationships for use in forensic, DVI or missing person applications.

Converge™ Familial Match is coming soon.


Converge™ Kinship and Paternity

Converge™ Kinship and Paternity is a simple-to-use analysis tool that enables the customized analysis and reporting of routine paternity cases, as well as complex relationship/kinship testing cases.

Basic user interface and customizable analysis and reporting settings allow you to tailor your analysis to your specific application and case.

Converge™ Kinship and Paternity is coming soon.


Professional services for validation and training

HID professional services enable relationship-testing laboratories to overcome critical implementation challenges through a collaborative partnership with Life Technologies: a worldwide leader in validated human identification solutions.

Professional services are available to support:

  • New laboratory development, implementation, and validation
  • Instrumentation and software integration
  • New protocol validation and testing
  • Workflow, software, and DNA theory training and educational services