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Cracking tough cases with challenging samples

We are focused on developing solutions to help resolve your most difficult forensic analysis tasks. Our products have a 20-year history as a trusted STR-based identification solution.

Our new series of next generation sequencing (NGS) solutions can help you resolve tough cases by getting more information from challenging samples. We’ve developed simple, scalable, and fast solutions by utilizing Ion Torrent™ next-generation sequencing and Ion AmpliSeq™ technologies to create forensically-relevant panels and reporting tools. These panels are available now!



Identity informative solution
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Generate more investigative leads

Ancestry informative solution
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Analyze familial and kinship cases

Lineage informative solution
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Analyze missing persons or remains

Mitochondrial solution
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Analyze dna mixtures more efficiently

NGS technology
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Feature video

Listen to their perspectives of NGS for forensics

Listen to their perspectives of NGS for forensics

Adopting NGS for forensics is not a paradigm shift by Dr. Bruce Budowle

Listen to their perspectives of NGS for forensics

Dr. Walther Parson’s vision for mtDNA sequencing by NGS for forensics

Listen to their perspectives of NGS for forensics

SNaPshot® and Ion AmpliSeq™ assays on HID-Ion PGM by Dr. Christopher Philips

Listen to their perspectives of NGS for forensics

Things to consider before implementing NGS to routine forensic workflow by Dr. Harbison

Listen to their perspectives of NGS for forensics

We are in the future of NGS for forensics by Dr. Niels Morling


Fordyce S, Mogensen H, Børsting C, Lagace R, et al. (2014) Second-generation sequencing of forensic STRs using the Ion Torrent™ HID STR 10-plex and the Ion PGM™. Forensic Sci Int Genet vol 14, 2015 Jan; p132–140
Learn more

Ralf A, van Oven M, Zhong K, Kayser M. (2014) Simultaneous Analysis of Hundreds of Y-chromosomal SNPs for High-resolution Paternal Lineage Classification Using Targeted Semiconductor Sequencing. Hum Mutat. 2014 Oct 22 doi: 10.1002/humu.22713
Learn more

Bodner M, Iuvaro A, Strobl C, Nagl S, et al. (2014) Helena, the hidden beauty: Resolving the most common West Eurasian mtDNA control region haplotype by massively parallel sequencing an Italian population sample. Forensic Sci Int Genet. 2014 Sep 26. pii: S1872-4973(14)00194-X
Learn more

Isaacson J, Schwoebel E, Shcherbina A, Ricke D, Harper J, et al. (2014) Robust detection of individual forensic profiles in DNA mixtures. Forensic Sci Int Genet. 2014 Sep 16;14C:31-37
Learn more

Seo et al. (2013) High throughput whole mitochondrial genome sequencing by two platforms of massively parallel sequencing. Poster presentation. BMC Genomics 2014, 15(Suppl 2):P7
Learn more

Parson W, Strobl C, Huber G, Zimmermann B, Gomes SM, et al. (2013) Evaluation of next generation mtGenome sequencing using the Ion Torrent Personal GenomeMachine (PGM). Forensic Sci Int Genet. 2013 Sep;7(5):543-9
Learn more

Børsting C, Fordyce SL, Olofsson J, Mogensen HS, Morling N (2014) Evaluation of the Ion Torrent™ HID SNP 169-plex: A SNP typing assay developed for human identification by second generation sequencing. Forensic Sci Int Genet. 2014 Sep;12:144-54
Learn more

Featured video
Ion Torrent™ Semiconductor Sequencing for Forensic Applications Webinar

Ion Torrent™ semiconductor sequencing has the potential to vastly expand the capabilities of human identification laboratories, enabling simultaneous analysis of a wide range of forensically relevant genetic markers to help resolve challenging cases. Speakers in this webinar include Lisa Calandro, director of product management at Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Dr. Walther Parson from the Institute of Legal Medicine, Innsbruck Medical University, Austria.

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Dr. Walther Parson

“These results are extremely promising, and are expected to significantly increase the random-match probability for mtDNA analysis when evaluating highly compromised samples.” Dr. Walther Parson, Institute of Legal Medicine, Innsbruck, Austria

Dr. Manfred Kayser

“The biggest impact is that we will be able to combine a large number of genetic markers of different types in a single run analysis, including markers such as STRs and SNPs (single base pair changes)—potentially even RNA that cannot be multiplexed with any other current technology. This will open up new possibilities, as various types of forensically relevant information can be obtained from a single sample analysis.” Dr. Manfred Kayser, Dept. of Forensic Molecular Biology, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Dr. Kenneth Kidd

“The AmpliSeq™ PGM™ panels already include ancestry inference markers that allow for refined estimates of an individual’s biogeographic ancestry. The high-throughput sequencing methodology holds the promise for even more powerful forensic panels currently being developed.” Dr. Kenneth Kidd, Yale University School of Medicine

Ion Torrent™ next-generation sequencing

Our Ion Torrent™ next-generation sequencing has the potential to vastly expand the capabilities of human identification laboratories, enabling simultaneous analysis of a wide range of forensically relevant genetic markers to help resolve challenging samples or cases.

Ion Torrent™ technology directly translates chemically encoded information (A, C, G, T bases) into digital information (0, 1) on a semiconductor chip. This approach marries simple chemistry to proprietary semiconductor technology—it’s Watson meets Moore. The result is a sequencing technology that is simpler, faster, and more cost-effective and scalable than any other next-generation sequencing technology available. View video ›

Ion Torrent™ Next Generation Seq
Ion AmpliSeq™ technology

Coupled with simple and scalable Ion semiconductor sequencing, Ion AmpliSeq™ technology transforms genetic analysis by delivering ultrahigh-multiplex PCR and a low DNA input requirement. With the ability to multiplex thousands of PCR primer pairs in one tube, researchers are no longer limited to sequencing just a few genes or single nucleotide pairs (SNPs), but can quickly and easily analyze hundreds of gene targets or SNPs.

The Ion PGM™ System

The Ion Torrent™ Personal Genome Machine® (PGM™) System is ideal for targeted sequencing solutions, enabling you to go from samples to results in just one day. It combines Ion Torrent™ semiconductor sequencing technology with natural biochemistry to directly translate chemical information into digital data, making sequencing accessible to more laboratories and research facilities. The system’s use of simple, natural sequencing chemistry eliminates the need for expensive optics, and reduces complex chemistries to measure natural DNA extension.

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Simple, modular targeted DNA sequencing workflow in just one day
1 Select a

Simply select one from our Ion-HID AmpliSeq™ panel offerings* designed specifically for forensic solutions

2 Construct

Use the Ion AmpliSeq™Library Kit 2.0 for rapid preparation of amplicon libraries

3 Prepare

Ion OneTouch™ 2 System, available now, provides fully automated template preparation

4 Run

Ideal for sequencing targeted regions, the Ion PGM™ System and the Ion PGM™

5 Analyze

Torrent Suite™ Software automatically aligns the sequence reads