Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS)

Enabling pioneering discoveries in geoscience and enhancing the reliability of analytical solutions

For decades, innovative Thermo Scientific isotope ratio mass spectrometers have helped geoscientists gain new insights into the application of isotope ratio analysis in the earth and environmental sciences, enabling them to make exciting pioneering discoveries and to overcome difficult analytical challenges. Isotope ratio mass spectrometers have also helped laboratories in the fields of food and doping analysis, providing trustworthy analytical results.

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253 Ultra High Resolution Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer

253 Plus 10 kV Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer

EA IsoLink™ IRMS System

Featured IRMS categories

Measure isotopic signatures with extreme precision and sensitivity to provide unique insight into the history and origin of compounds.

Use portable and field-deployable mid-infrared spectroscopy for real time continuous measurement in a wide variety of applications including greenhouse gas monitoring.

Select from our unique portfolio of noble gas mass spectrometers to obtain reliable analytical results in the fields of geochronology, dating , and thermochronology.

Automate your research by managing instrument control, data acquisition, data processing and report generation from one easy software platform on the IRIS instruments, high resolution IRMS and noble gas mass spectrometers. 

Perform accurate and reliable quantitative multi-element analyses at trace levels, even without sample preparation.

Meet the demands for high-precision isotope ratio measurements in geosciences.

The ultimate mass spectrometers for geochronology

The ultimate mass spectrometers for geochronology

Thermo Fisher Scientific has worked with geoscientists for decades, helping them to gain insights into the age of valuable rocks, minerals, sediments, and fossils. Our ICP-MS systems are workhorses for producing the highest quality age data from analyzing isotope systems of Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd, Re-Os, and Pb-U, and our noble gas mass spectrometers are the ultimate choice for obtaining the high precision Ar-Ar isotope ratio, cosmogenic exposure neon, and low temperature thermochronology data.