Avoid off target effects with our GPCR toxicity panel

Life Technologies offers a wide panel of well validated cellular assays for screening for selectivity (Table 1) among family members in addition to assays against receptors that currently have marketed drugs directed towards them.  These cellular assays have been built using our powerful GeneBLAzer® beta-lactamase technology, and are available either as dividing cells or in our new Division Arrest (DA) format.


Table 1 - GPCR Liability Panel


Receptor Dividing Cells Division Arrested Assay Kit
ADORA2A K1245 K1345
ADRA2A K1290 K1343
AVPR1A K1286 K1323
CCKBR K1231 K1379
CNR1 K1267 K1316
CRHR1 K1263 K1367
D1 K1086 K1311
EDG3 K1234 K1319
EDG7 K1251 K1315
EDNRA K1223 K1347
EDNRB K1224 K1349
H1 K1225 K1299
H2 K1226 K1307
M1 K1230 K1365