From stable cell line development through cell culture expansion, downstream purification and final product testing, protein therapeutic production requires:
  • robust cell lines with reproducible growth, titer and quality
  • chemically defined media and matched feeds with custom platform options
  • fed-batch and continuous process development support
  • custom molecule capture resins for maintaining integrity of hard to separate proteins
  • high capacity, high resolution, salt-tolerant resins for polish chromatography
  • validated and automated rapid product quality, contaminant and impurity tests

Through brands you trust — GibcoTM cell culture media feeds and customization services, POROSTM chromatography resins, Thermo ScientificTM single-use technologies, and Applied BiosystemsTM SEQ rapid contaminant tests — we are a true partner in providing best in class support & solutions that can integrate into your complete workflow for meeting manufacturing standards in product quality, safety and fast-to-market efficiency for therapeutic protein production.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Therapeutic Protein Production Products

Achieve rapid cell line development and industry-standard titers with unprecedented IP access. Detect Mycoplasma or virus contamination typically in less than 5 hours.

From the basic formulations to the newest innovations, we provide the highest quality, consistency & performance for your cell culture needs including GibcoTM cell culture media and feeds, media development and analytical services, POROSTM Analytical Columns, and SEQ Rapid Contaminant Testing.

POROSTM Chromatography resins are today’s best performing chromatographic media for process-scale bioseparations. POROSTM resins are available in a range of selections designed especially for today’s recombinant protein and other biological purification challenges.

Identify thousands of bacterial and fungal species typically in under 5 hours with the MicroSEQTM Microbial Identification System

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