Gibco BioProduction Services is committed to effective project management. We ensure this by investing in training our project managers to be PMP Certified and adhering to project management best practices.

Managing project scope, mitigating project risk, managing timelines and meetings, capturing key decisions and action items, and confirming their closure are just some of the attributes of Gibco BioProduction Services project management process.

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Benefits of project management:
  • Efficient delivery of services: We utilize best practices that are easily followed and help lead to successful project outcomes.
  • Customer satisfaction: Risk mitigation and accurate phase completion time estimates are just some of the attributes that help ensure credibility and trust are built between the client and our team. Repeat business is one of our key objectives that result from effective project management.
  • Flexibility: We tailor our project management process to our customer needs. The frequency of meetings, forms of communication, and other aspects of the project management process are adjusted based on feedback from our clients to help ensure their satisfaction.
  • Quality management: We conduct risk assessments and mitigate risk prior to initiating each phase and we continually measure the effectiveness of the mitigation plans. Our team communicates any issues to the client quickly so we can proactively manage and reduce the likelihood of such issues impacting the outcome of the project.
  • Commitment to protect client identity and IP: Assigned project codes and utilization of controlled study binders.
  • Traceability of client materials: Documentation of client material transfer. 
  • Robust timeline management: We manage timeline, scope, and budget, and utilize study plans, risk assessments, and up-to-date training.
Process flow for each phase