At Life Technologies, we understand the importance of meeting your development needs today, while also building an effective framework that ensures future manufacturing success. Our unique array of services ranges from vector construction through medium and cell line optimization, to process characterization and scale-up for manufacturing. Our Gibco® team can support projects across a range of biological

platforms, including viruses, antibodies, recombinant proteins, and cell therapies.

The project management team ensures a seamless integration along each step. Expert scientists, regulatory professionals, and quality auditors work together to improve manufacturing processes with your end goal in mind. A program manager maintains clear communication channels and rigorously monitors timelines and budget. 

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Vector and Cell Line Development

We can custom design and optimize expression systems for protein and virus production using your desired cell line and help you to select the best media and feed strategy for your process. We also have expertise in manufacturing and testing a wide range of cell and virus banks.


Transient Transfection

 The FreeStyle™ MAX System is a breakthrough protein production technology for large-scale, rapid generation of posttranslationally modified, functional proteins in CHO and 293 suspension cultures.


Process Development

 Take advantage of our medium and feed optimization, platform creation, and media analytical services to optimize your manufacturing process.


Scale-up and Technology Transfer

Our operational expertise will help you establish scalability and robustness of your process for transfer to cGMP manufacturing.


Spent Media Analysis

 Our custom-designed bioanalytical assays can help you to assess titer and product quality and evaluate media stability more quickly and reliably.


Manufacturing Solutions

 Our global manufacturing capabilities ensure your access to cGMP facilities for the production and testing of recombinant protein therapeutics and cell therapies, as well as bulk media manufacturing by cell culture industry leader GIBCO®.