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Gibco BioProduction Services has successfully completed over 100 medium development projects utilizing various mammalian and insect cell lines for the production of proteins and viruses. We work closely with manufacturing feasibility engineers to ensure all media can be reliably manufactured at production scales.

By partnering with us, customers are able to leverage over 50 years of Gibco experience at Thermo Fisher Scientific to optimize a medium that meets their specific needs. Each medium developed through Gibco BioProduction Services team is unique to a specific customer’s cell culture requirements. Gibco BioProduction Services does the following media development projects:

Improve process performance

Whether you are having trouble producing a complex protein, achieving the required titer to meet market demands, or achieving a specific glycoform profile, Gibco BioProduction Services can develop a custom solution for you.

Example of potential project goals:

  • Manufacture challenging molecules (fusion proteins, enzymes, viruses)
  • Increase product titers
  • Modify product quality attributes (e.g., achieve specific glycoform profile)

Improve manufacturability of the medium

We apply our knowledge of media design, raw material sourcing, and manufacturing to improve process consistency, reduce risk of adventitious agents, and meet quality and regulatory requirements. Over 98% of our medium development projects have resulted in a chemically defined medium solution.

Examples of improvements gained in project:

  • Eliminate serum from the medium
  • Eliminate or reduce other components of animal origin (e.g., insulin, transferrin, cholesterol)
  • Eliminate or reduce other complex components (e.g., recombinant proteins, hydrolysates)
  • Replace components that do not have a robust source/supply chain
  • Replace reagent grade, non-compendial components with those of appropriate grade for the target market (e.g., EP, BP, USP, JP)
  • Reformat liquid medium as a dry powder or Advance Granulation Technology (AGT)

Establish a platform medium

A medium and feed platform is helpful to customers who are utilizing multiple clones to produce different proteins. Being able to use the same medium and feed for all processes streamlines the development, scale-up, and tech transfer activities to allow customers to move quickly from discovery to commercial launch.

Example of potential project goals:

  • Develop a medium and feed to support different cell lines from a single host cell line
  • Develop a universal medium and feed to work with different cell types
  • Develop a feed solution for a specific cell line to work with a platform medium

Specific application for medium development projects

Additionally, Gibco BioProduction Services has the capability to leverage their medium development expertise to specific applications and needs in the industry. Some examples include:

  • Stem cell processes
  • Viral vaccine processes
  • Biosimilars processes
  • Cell-based assays

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