A Full Range of Purification Products, From Affinity to Ion Exchange to Reversed-Phase Chromatography

Life Technologies offers a broad portfolio of purification products supporting biopharmaceutical development. These range from unique chromatography resins used for primary capture and high performance polishing,  to a robust analytical toolset for characterization and detection of biological compounds.

For large scale biomanufacturing we offer a variety of products for affinity chromatography, ion exchange, reversed-phase, and HIC applications designed to meet today’s biomolecule purification challenges. POROS® bulk chromatography resins are used throughout the industry for high performance, high throughput process-scale bioseparations. CaptureSelect™ affinity products are available for process-scale or analytical bioseparations for a wide variety of biotherapeutic compounds including antibodies and antibody fragments, recombinant and plasma proteins, and viral particles. Our custom ligand and resin discovery programs generate customized CaptureSelect™ affinity ligands that can be immobilized onto high-throughput POROS® resins for your unique separation needs.

POROS® Protein A, G and CaptureSelect™ analytical columns are used throughout the industry for monitoring monoclonal antibody titer and yield from cell culture supernatant, and can be operated on any standard high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) or medium pressure chromatography system. For research-scale separations we offer a range of products across the development timeline, from antibody and protein purification tools to sample preparation products and ligand conjugates for analytical assays.

Process-Scale Purification

POROS® 50 µm resins demonstrate high dynamic binding capacity, capture efficiency, and resolution over a range of flow rates.


Analytical Chromatography

Enable rapid separation of biomolecules for analytical and preparative applications, and flexible analytical assay development.


Research-Scale Purification

The CaptureSelect™ affinity product line delivers a range of research products for every step in the development process, from discovery to preclinical purification.


Chromatography Custom Services

Custom Ligand and Resin Design services help enable selective purification of biopharmaceuticals from any type of feedstock with high yield and purity.

BioProduction resources

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