POROS™ analytical chromatography columns are used for the quantification and assessment of purity of biomolecules throughout cell culture and purification processes. POROS™ A, G, AL, EP, OH, and POROS™ CaptureSelect™ columns are polymeric packings designed for high-resolution separation, specifically affinity chromatography of antibodies, proteins, polynucleotides, and other biomolecules with user-immobilized ligands. The resins consist of cross-linked poly[styrene-divinylbenzene] (DVB) flow-through particles for rapid mass transport. This base bead is coated with a cross-linked polyhydroxylated polymer (POROS™ OH), which is then activated with aldehyde (POROS™ AL) or epoxide (POROS™ EP) functional groups.


Figure 1. POROS™ A, G, and CaptureSelect™ ligands target multiple IgG epitopes. Figure 1 illustrates the binding sites for affinity ligands Protein A, Protein G, and Protein L. Novel POROS™ ligands provide alternative specificities that enable rapid binding for the quantitation or purification of engineered immunoglobulins.

Note: POROS™ affinity chromatography columns are shown in orange.

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POROS™ A, G, and ligands are available in convenient prepacked HPLC columns. The column range addresses analytical and preparative requirements for the quantitation and purification of immunoglobulins or Fc-fusion or HSA-fusion proteins.

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