We have developed a unique portfolio of affinity resins helping you to develop next generation antibody therapeutics. These affinity resins can be used for clinical and commercial production and include:
  • a platform solution for manufacturing of Fab fragments, irrespective of the type of light chain
  • affinity resins offering mild elution conditions for Fc-fusion proteins and pH sensitive IgGs
  • a cost-effective, high performance Protein A resin developed from in-house sourced Protein A

Next to the affinity resins we also offer product specific ELISAs to measure any ligand potentially leaching from the column.

The image below depicts where the various products bind the antibody or antibody fragment.

Antibody Derived Therapeutics

CaptureSelect™ affinity matrices from Thermo Fisher Scientific:


Target applications



CaptureSelect™ IgG-CH1

Human IgG antibodies and Fab fragments thereof

CH1 domain binding, no free light chain binding for fragments


CaptureSelect™ KappaXL

Human IgG antibodies and Fab fragments thereof containing a kappa light chain

Mild elution for fragments and antibodies


CaptureSelect™ FcXL

Human IgG antibodies and Fc-fusion proteins

CH3 domain binding, human-specific, recognizing all four subclasses, mild elution conditions


MabCapture™ A Select Resin
Monoclonal antibody capture applications Major increase in process productivity and reduction in downstream bottleneck MabCapture^TM A Select

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CaptureSelect™ information

CaptureSelect™ Leakage ELISAs

Products incorporating CaptureSelect™ technology are used for clinical and commercial manufacturing of a variety of biologicals. To support these products Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed product-specific Leakage ELISAs that can be used for routine quality analysis. Below is a list of Leakage ELISAs and their corresponding affinity resins.

Product Complementing resin

CaptureSelect™ IgG-CH1 Ligand Leakage ELISA

CaptureSelect IgG-CH1

CaptureSelect™ KappaXL Ligand Leakage ELISA

CaptureSelect KappaXL

CaptureSelect™ FcXL Ligand Leakage

CaptureSelect FcXL


Application notes

New article

  • Evaluation of Strategies to Control Fab Light Chain Dimer During Mammalian Expression and Purification: A Universal One-Step Process for Purification of Correctly Assembled Fab. Jennifer Spooner, Jenny Keen, Kalpana Nayyar, Neil Birkett, Nicholas Bond, David Bannister, Natalie Tigue, Daniel Higazi, Benjamin Kemp, Tristan Vaughan, Alistair Kippen, Andrew Buchanan (2015) Biotechnol Bioeng. 2015 Jul;112(7):1472-7.

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