POROS® chromatography resins and GoPure columns are for both analytical and process-scale bioseparations. They enable high-resolution separations combined with high capacity and robust chemical stability.

Manufactured in a state-of-the art chemical facility, POROS® resins are available in a range of selections designed to meet today’s antibody and recombinant protein purification challenges.

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POROS® Resins for Process Scale Separations


When you need high performance and high throughput on a large scale, POROS® chromatography resins used throughout the industry for process-scale bioseparations.

Utilized in multiple processes, these high-performance resins combine optimal particle size and pore structure with a rigid backbone and proprietary chemistries. POROS® 50 µm resins demonstrate high dynamic binding capacity, capture efficiency, and resolution over a range of flow rates.

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POROS® Analytical Chromatography Columns


High-Performance Resin for Analytical and Lab-Scale Separations

POROS® analytical chromatography columns, available in 10um and 20um particle sizes, enable rapid separation for biomolecules of both analytical and lab-scale preparative applications.

POROS® Protein A, G and CaptureSelect™ analytical columns are used throughout the industry for monitoring monoclonal antibody titer and yield from cell culture supernatant. Analytical Chromatography columns can be operated on any standard high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) or medium pressure chromatography system.

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