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We offer two main mixing platforms that address the needs of proper preparation of media, buffers, and other process liquids. These are designed for the liquid/liquid and powder/liquid mixing of media, buffers, intermediates, final products, process liquids, and suspensions—with all the benefits of single-use technology. Our mixing systems are based on two different yet efficient mixing systems—a bottom-driven impulse mixing system, and a top-down driven mixing system based on traditional stainless steel mixing principles.

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Featured Cell Factory automation equipment products

The Thermo Scientific Nunc Cell Factory manipulator is a fully programmable manipulator that automates the handling of the Nunc Cell Factory systems. Simplify and achieve constant and reliable processes.

The Thermo Scientific Nunc Cell Factory shaker system offers an automated solution for the detachment of cells from Nunc Cell Factory systems; it eliminates the need for shaking and pounding, and supports workflow efficiency.

The Thermo Scientific Nunc Cell Factory incubator is a mobile solution that accommodates four racks of Cell Factory 40-layer or 10-layer systems. it is available with and without CO2 control.

The Thermo Scientific Nunc Cell Factory Racks and Carts integrate perfectly with all Nunc Cell Factory equipment. Available for use with Cell factory 40-, 12-, and 10-layer systems.

Cell Factory automation equipment

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Cell Factory systems

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