Integrated Single-Use Bioreactors
Our integrated single-use bioreactors are designed as complete out-of-the-box jacketed systems, each paired with an integrated controller and temperature control unit (TCU).

The vessel is based on the proven Thermo Scientific HyPerforma Single-Use Bioreactor (S.U.B.) mixing technology. The design is ergonomically friendly, and the systems combine unsurpassed flexibility and convenience. The integrated S.U.B. is fully integrated with a Delta-V–based control system and offers immediate utility. The system is specifically designed for users who need rapid setup of a standard system and are often preferred in R&D, early process development, and clinical trial stages.

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Advantages of the integrated S.U.B. system

Integrated S.U.B. key system features and benefits: 

  • Cell culture vessel with standard 5:1 turndown ratio
  • Classical geometry and design
  • Preconfigured for rapid on-site setup with left- or right-side options
  • Available in sizes from 50 L to 250 L with volume indications
  • Delta-V control system optimized for mammalian cell culture
  • Integrated Lauda Temperature Control Unit for optimized heating and cooling
  • Overhead stirred-tank reactor with preassembled single-use agitation assembly in BPC
  • Direct mechanically coupled drive

Benefits and options: 

  • Lead time of 4 weeks or less for delivery
  • Optional cable management system can be integrated separately
  • Factory acceptance test (FAT) completed with each system
  • Site acceptance test (SAT) can be purchased as an option
  • Used in research and development (R&D) and process development (PD) applications
  • Used in cGMP manufacturing

Important features of new 5:1 turndown ratio vessel

  • Patented cross-flow sparger technology for efficient cell culture at lower volumes
  • Drilled-hole sparger for effective stripping of CO2 and to provide sufficient O2 delivery to cells
  • Lower probe cutouts on vessel for accurate sensing of pH, DO, and temperature
  • Bottom jacketed vessel for better heat transfer and temperature control at lower volumes
  • Reduction in additional bioreactors required for scaleup
  • Considerable savings in CAPEX and OPEX
  • Reduction in footprints and cleanroom space requirements

BPCs specific for S.U.B. systems

The S.U.B. BPC is the single-use consumable required for use with the bioreactor hardware; it is supplied sterile and ready to use, and comes complete with the agitator (impeller) assembly, spargers, vent filter, sensor ports and/or sensors, and line sets for media, supplements, and harvest.

The presterilized S.U.B. BPC does not require any facility hook-ups for sterilization or cleaning. A key element of the design is the single-use impeller with bearing/seal assembly that couples directly to the external mixer drive.

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Components of integrated S.U.B.s 

The integrated S.U.B. systems consist of four primary components:

  1. Vessel or outer container—includes a mixer motor, load cells, and water jacket, all on a mobile cart (except 2,000 L size)
  2. S.U.B. BPC—the presterilized, ready-to-use single-use consumable required for use with the bioreactor hardware
  3. TCU—monitors the heating and cooling of the medium during the cell culture run
  4. Control system with touch screen monitor—used for process management of critical parameters (e.g., temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, overlay pressure, vessel mass, liquid pumps, vent heaters, and gas mass flow controllers) and logs process values and settings

Integrated Single-Use Bioreactor: featured animation

The HyPerforma S.U.B. comes in 6 sizes with a 5:1 turndown ratio and is optimized for mammalian cell culture from process development to scale-up and cGMP manufacturing.

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