As cancer genomics experts, we thrive on big data and knowledge generation in drug discovery. We are dedicated to collecting, analyzing, and integrating cancer genomics data with exceptional attention to detail. Our data collection process includes direct correspondence with study authors to gather all available sample facts, often beyond those presented in the original publication.

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Extracting insights

Consistently applying robust, peer-reviewed analysis methods across the entire compendium of Oncomine® data results in a powerful set of analysis functions that compute gene expression signatures, clusters, and gene set modules, automatically extracting biological insights.

Solutions for academic cancer research

The Oncomine® Platform was conceived by physicians, scientists, and software engineers at the University of Michigan. Oncomine® Research Edition remains free for academic researchers. As additional commercial solutions are developed, an academic version is typically released with an appropriate licensing fee.

Uncomplicated solutions

Dedicated to developing new ways to apply cancer informatics to drug discovery and development, our translational bioinfomatics team harnesses Compendia Biosciences's technology and computational biology expertise to focus on specific scientific questions posed by our customers.

Solutions for commercial cancer research

Oncomine® editions for commercial use were developed with the vision of giving cancer researchers greater ability to impact drug development and clinical practice.


Comprehensive collection

We apply genomic data curation and management principles guided by clinical data quality standards and organized by The Compendia Ontology. The Compendia Ontology is a comprehensive way to characterize Oncomine® data, metadata, and analyses that also drives consistent downstream analyses.

The Oncomine® editions draw on:

  • 700+ datasets
  • 86,000+ samples
  • 1,660,000+ sample facts

Our custom service reports draw on:

  • 35,000 de-identified clinical samples
  • 1,200 cell line models
  • 5,000 NGS exomes
  • 5,000 transcriptional signatures

Oncomine® resource library 

From practical applications to ground breaking research, users and potential users of the Oncomine® Platform can access information to make their research more effective.

Videos & webinars

Oncomine® data feature #1 - CCLE

August 2012 :: Matt Anstett presents a look at the Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia.  

Explore the data in the Oncomine® database and learn a few tips and tricks along the way.

NOTE: This video uses Oncomine® Concepts Edition and includes features and analyses not found in Oncomine® Research Edition.  

Oncomine® data feature #2 - prostate cancer

October 2012 :: Matt Anstett presents a look at the mutational landscape in castration resistant prostate cancer.

NOTE: This video uses Oncomine® Concepts Edition and includes features and analyses not found in Oncomine® Research Edition.   


High-throughput, systematic analysis of paired-end next-generation sequencing data to characterize the gene fusion landscape in cancer

Seth E. Sadis, Nickolay A. Khazanov, Armand Bankhead III, Dinesh Cyanam, Paul D. Williams, Sean F. Eddy, Peter J. Wyngaard, Daniel R. Rhodes
AACR Annual Meeting, 5-10 APR, 2013, Washington, DC, USA


Analysis of 3,000 cancer exomes to identify novel cancer drivers and therapeutic opportunities

Nickolay A. Khazanov, Peter Wyngaard, Paul D. Williams, Armand R. Bankhead III, Supra R. Gajjala, Mark Tomilo, Santhoshi Bandla, Emma T. Bowden, Seth Sadis, Daniel R. Rhodes
Second Annual TCGA Scientific Symposium, 27-28 NOV 2012, Crystal City, VA, USA